ERP feature set at an amazing price!

Omega Workflow Manager transforms complex workflow into a series of simple online forms.

Organize Workflows

Add accountability and standardize processes by easily creating, organizing and tracking workflows and tasks for every process in your organization.


Enhance internal and third-party communication by exchanging tasks, documents and information within the system and through notifications.

Groups and Tags

Simplify management and administration by grouping and tagging users, forms, documents and information in all your workflows.


Stay productive and keep everyone in the company and beyond informed with automatically generated alerts and email digests.


Create common workflow templates to create, share, and re-use workflows and task lists with easy at any time.

Graphic Themes

Customize and brand the look and feel of your user interface with company colors and logos.

Integration with ERP

Asymmetrically send data to your ERP and trigger events from your ERP implementation for full workflow integration.

AD Integration

Allow all users single user login to your Active Directory server and streamline user experience.